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This system is running on a PC K7 1Ghz with 256 Mb . This is the result of a project attended by some students of the departement of "Scienze dell'informazione" (Computer Science).

We are using a slightly modified version of Eagle BBS . This BBS is mainly directed to students of this Univerisy, this because of the limits of our system due to shortage of funds.

Here are some infomations about University of Udine .

Personal Home Pages

Associations : ASCI, Piero Gobetti, ALSI, LASER, Ceniun

La Vaselina, dalla parte degli studenti. Il giornale universitario di Udine.

Services Available :

  • Our BBS system.
  • Ftp directories.
  • C Rationale: a hypertext guide to the ANSI C specifications.
  • Chip Directory: A mirror of the wonderful collection of information about chips and chip manufacturers by Jaap van Ganswijk.
  • Web's Computer Centre of Udine
  • Web Indexes : a collection of links to the main web indexes.

    Report any questions or bug reports regarding this system To Massimo Belluz,